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11.17 Transmit Deficiencies
Purpose of this application is to fax/email a list of deficiencies to selected vendors/warranty reps.

11.17 Transmit Deficiencies
Step Action
1. Open Transmit Deficiencies application.

Select a project Select a project (e.g. AP2-SVITZ LIMITED).
Enter Assigned Vendor ID Enter a vendor ID (or click on the link to find one).
Enter a lot ID Enter a lot ID (or click on the link to find one).
Enter a Deficiency List ID Enter a deficiency list ID (or click on the link to find one).
Enter a Deficiency ID Enter a deficiency ID (or click on the link to find one).
Add to Deficiency ID List You can search for more than one deficiency ID. Simply enter them in this field, separated by commas.
Select status of lots Do you want to display all lot types or only closed lots?
Select Deficiency Status What type of deficiency are you looking for (e.g. closed, cancelled, completed)?
Select Warranty Rep Which warranty rep are you looking for?
Select Deficiency Priority Select a deficiency priority (e.g. emergency, normal).
Select Deficiency Type Select a deficiency type (e.g. seasonal, year end).
Select Deficiency Group Select a deficiency group (e.g. concrete & drain, basement windows).
Select Root Cause Select the root cause for the deficiency (e.g. incorrect materials used, normal wear and tear).
Select Deficiency Class Select deficiency class (e.g. warranty, construction).
Number of days old is How old is the deficiency? 30 days old, 60 days old, etc.
Send One...per page for vendor Do you want group your list by deficiencies or lots? Choose whether each lot or deficiency should begin on a new page or not.
Send...to the vendor What type of deficiencies do you want to send to the vendor (e.g. new, revised)?
2. Fill out as much of the search criteria as possible (e.g. deficiency list ID, project, lot ID). The more information you provide, the faster it will take to retrieve the results.
3. Click .
4. You should now see a list of all warranty reps/vendors to whom the deficiencies are assigned. Beside each recipient there is a check box, which allows you to include or omit that person from the list, as well as, several methods of contact (e.g. email, fax). Make your selections accordingly.

Default transmission date is today. You can, however, delay transmissions to some future date. To do so, make a selection from the DELAY Transmissions For drop down list and enter a date.

Additional notes can be added to the transmission via Note For ALL Transmissions input field.
5. When you are done:
  • To send a list of deficiencies to the selected warranty reps/vendors without previewing, click .
  • To preview before sending, click (this is the recommended way).

    Here is an example of transmission:

    After you have reviewed the transmission, click .
6. When you are done, click .
Updated August 6, 2014