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11.16 Reassign Deficiencies
Purpose of application is to reassign deficiencies from one warranty rep/vendor to another.

11.16 Reassign Deficiencies
Step Action
1. Open Reassign Deficiencies application.
2. Fill out any of the search criteria. For example, you can select a project and lot, or select a warranty rep.

Make your selection and, when you are done, click .
3. A list of all deficiencies is displayed. You must now select only those that you need reassigned to a different warranty rep/vendor. Simply click on the check boxes adjacent to the Deficiency ID number to select/deselect the deficiencies.

Note: If you need to select/deselect all of the deficiencies listed, at once, click on the or links accordingly.

When you are done selecting, scroll down to the very bottom of the page. Select a warranty rep from the Re-assign To Warranty Rep drop down list or enter a vendor ID in the Re-assign To Vendor input field.
4. To reassign selected deficiencies to the selected warranty rep/vendor, click .
Updated August 6, 2014