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17.3 Maintain Applications for Division
Purpose of application is to set up aliases for applications, which will allow you to find and open an application faster. Very convenient, especially when you don't remember the module to which the application belongs. Instead, you can simply enter an alias on the Main Menu page and open the application immediately.

17.3 Maintain Applications for Division
Step Action
1. Open Maintain Applications for Division application.
2. Select a module and application (e.g. Decor - Maintain Option Selection).
3. When you are done, click .
4. Enter an alias in the Enter Alias input field.
5. When you are done, click .

Now that you've set up your application alias, here is how you can use it. At the very top of your Main Menu page, you should now see an Application Alias input field.

Enter the alias in this field and click . The application to which the alias was pointing, should now be open.
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Updated July 11, 2014