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17.2 Create Division
Purpose of application is to set up new divisions, by copying set up from existing divisions.

17.2 Create Division
Step Action
1. Open Create Division application.
2. Enter a 3 character abbreviation for the new division in the New Division ID input field.
3. To copy structural setup from an existing division, select a division from the drop down list.
4. When you are ready, click .
5. Fill out Division Info, Accounting System and Setup Controls sections of the form.

Division Info
ID A unique ID used to identify the division.
Full Name A non-abbreviation version of division ID should be entered here.
Country Specify the division's location by selecting a country.
Province/State Select a province/state, if applicable.
Image URL If there is a logo associated with your division, enter the image URL here. The division logo will appear at the top left corner of the screen.
Company Name Enter a company name here.
Timezone Select your timezone.
Accounting System
Company Name Company name as it appears in accounting system.
Datasource Name Datasource name can be entered here.
Migration Date Enter migration date here.
Master Company Name Master company name can be entered here.
Setup Controls
To add any controls to the new division, select one or more check boxes.
6. When you are done, click .
Updated July 11, 2014