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13.2 Maintain Purchasers
Purpose of application is to update or create purchasers, which can then be utilized by Maintain Purchaser Agreements application.

13.2 Maintain Purchasers
Step Action
1. Open Maintain Purchasers application.
2. To create a new purchaser, click .
3. Review and fill out Purchaser Information and Employment Information sections of the form. All fields marked by an asterisk (*) are required.

Tip: If you are adding a new purchaser "Jane" and her husband "Tom" already exists in the system, then simply click on the link to copy all of the shared data from "Tom" to "Jane" (e.g. last name, address, etc). And if you have a lead who has become a purchaser, you can click on link to copy the lead's data.

Purchaser Information
Salutation Purchaser's title (e.g. Mr, Mrs).
First Name Purchaser's first name.
Initials Purchaser's middle name initial.
Last Name Purchaser's last name.
SIN Purchaser's social insurance/social security number.
Date of Birth Purchaser's date of birth.
Address Purchaser's address.
City Purchaser's city of residence.
Province Purchaser's province/state of residence.
Postal Code Purchaser's postal/zip code.
Country Purchaser's country of residence.
Region ID/County ID For marketing survey only (e.g. Greater Toronto Area).
Relocate Info If the purchaser is a local resident, select Local. If the purchaser is relocating to buy our house, select Relocation.
Home Phone # Purchaser's home phone number.
Business Phone # Purchaser's work phone number.
Cell Phone # Purchaser's cell number.
Fax # Purchaser's fax number.
Pager # Purchaser's pager.
Email Purchaser's email address.
Current House At this moment, does purchaser own or rent?
Marital Status At this moment, is purchaser married, single, divorced, widowed or you don't know?
# of children How many children does the purchaser have?
# of cars How many cars does the purchaser have?
Employment Information
Employer Name Name of the company where purchaser works.
Employer Address Purchaser's work address.
Employer City City where purchaser works.
Employer Province/State Province/state where purchaser works.
Employer Postal/Zip Code Postal/zip code of purchaser's employer.
Employer Country Country of purchaser's employment.
Employer Phone Phone number of purchaser's employer.
Business Type Type of business purchaser is employed in.
Occupation Purchaser's occupation.
Title Purchaser's occupation title.
Annual Salary Purchaser's annual salary.
Salary Range Instead of entering the exact salary, you can select a salary range (e.g. $75,000 - $100,000).
Months of Service How many months has the purchaser been employed with this company? Instead of counting the months, you can click on the icon and select starting date (this will automatically calculate the months for you).
Comments Any additional comments you want to enter in regards to the purchaser.
4. When you are done, click .
Updated April 4, 2013