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9.4 Update Multiple Schedule Lot Task
Purpose of application is to update scheduled tasks for one or more lots en masse. You can change the completion status, add punch tasks or task variances.

9.4 Update Multiple Schedule Lot Task
Step Action
1. Open Update Multiple Schedule Lot Task application.
2. You can look up a scheduled lot task by super, lot, date, etc. Try to narrow down your search criteria; to reduce the time it takes to retrieve data. Once you have made your selection, click .

Note: There is a way to suppress extra data entry fields. To do so, in Show section of the form choose only those items you need by selecting the appropriate check boxes. So for example, if you won't be adding any punch or variance tasks, deselect those check boxes before running the application.
3. A list of tasks gets displayed.

Confirmed Place a check mark in this check box if the vendor has confirmed he/she will be at the site to perform the required task on the entered date.
Completion Status Select the appropriate completion status for a task. There are several ones to choose from:

Task completion status
N=Not started.
C=Completed - task has been completed, schedule can proceed, but payment has not been released yet.
A=Approved - task has been completed, schedule can proceed and payment to the vendor has been released.

Note: If the task does not release a cost type/payments (e.g. BACKFILL_INSPECTION), status "C" is suppressed.
Task Color Definition For visual clarity, 4 color types are used to define each type of task:

= A task that deals with the delivery of supplies/materials (e.g. - DELIVER STEEL).
= A task that deals with execution of some work/action (e.g. - INSTALL DRAIN WRAP).
= A task that deals with ordering of supplies/materials (e.g. - ORDER DRYWALL).
= A task that deals with inspection of premises/work/supplies (e.g. - INSULATION INSPECTION).

View Task
To view task details, click on the task ID link (). Note: If Lot grouping was selected on the main form, then a detailed view of a task for all lots will be displayed.

Add Punch Task
To create a punch task, click on the link. Punch tasks can be added to any scheduled lot tasks other than the ones with status N - Not Started. Punch tasks are not related directly to a lot task. It's simply a fix that needs to be performed during or after the scheduled lot task's completion.

For details, see Maintain Lot Punch Task section of the training guide.

Add Task Variance
To create a task variance, click on the link or select a predefined variance type from the drop down list, located beneath the link. Task variance(s) are added if a scheduled lot task is falling behind the schedule.

For details, see Maintain Lot Task Variance section of the training guide.

Tip: A plus sign beside Add Punch Task or Add Task Variance links indicates that one or more records already exist (e.g. ). To view them, click on the link(s).
4. When you are done, click .
Updated June 16, 2010