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9.3 Maintain Lot Task Variance
Purpose of application is to add lot task variance(s) to expired schedule lot task(s) whose completion dates have already passed.

9.3 Maintain Lot Task Variance
Step Action
1. Open Maintain Lot Task Variance application.
2. Enter a lot ID in the Lot ID input field, select a task ID from the Task ID drop down list and click
3. Fill out the Maintain Lot Task Variance form. Make sure that all of the required fields, marked by an asterisk (*), are filled out.
Status Status of the variance task (e.g. active, inactive).
Note: Inactive status will suppress the Variance Task record and it will not be shown on any of the reports.
Variance Type A reason for task's delay or incompletion (e.g. rain, strike, delivery delay).
Duration How long a task was delayed or incomplete for. Enter a number of days or hours in the input field and select a duration type from the drop down list (e.g. 2 Days or 3 Hours).
Comments Comments, notes or any additional information.
Note: To add more punch tasks, click .
4. When done, click .
Updated June 16, 2010