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9.2 Maintain Lot Punch Task
Purpose of application is to add punch task(s) to lot task(s). A punch task is not related directly to a lot task. It's simply a fix that needs to be performed during or after the lot task completion. Note: Punch tasks cannot be assigned to lot tasks whose schedules have been deleted, but can be assigned to tasks which have not began or whose schedules have temporary stopped.

9.2 Maintain Lot Punch Task
Step Action
1. Open Maintain Lot Punch Task application.
2. Enter a lot ID in the Enter Schedule Lot ID input field, select a task ID from the Task ID drop down list and click .
3. Fill out the Maintain Lot Punch Task form. Make sure that all of the required fields, marked by an asterisk (*), are filled out.
Description A detailed description of what must be done in order to fix the defect (punch task) that has occurred during the current task. Since there could be more than one punch task, please record them individually, each one in a separate text field.
Common Punchout Task Predefined punch task and its description.
Status Current status of the punch task (e.g. not started, progressing/started or approved/completed).
Room Predefined list of all the rooms/spaces in the house to which punch task should apply.
Completion Date Date, by when a punch task should be completed.
Note: To add more punch tasks, click .
4. When done, click .
Updated June 16, 2010