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20.37 View Lead Transmissions
Purpose of application is to review status of faxed/emailed leads.

7.15 View PO Transmissions
Step Action
1. Open View PO Transmissions application.

Enter A Transmission Item ID Enter a transmission item ID (i.e. 215520).
Select a Project Select a project name (i.e. AU3-RIVERIGDGE AURORA).
Enter Lot ID Enter a lot ID (i.e. 46705).
Enter Purchase Order Enter a purchase order ID (i.e. 500980).
Enter Vendor ID Enter a vendor ID (i.e. 103294).
Transmitted Select a transmission time frame (i.e. within 90 days).
Search For Transmission Destination Enter an email address or fax number (i.e. 4168909090).
Transmitted To Type Of Recipients Select the type of recipient (i.e. area managers, suppliers).
Status Select a status (i.e. all, unsent).
Show Transmissions Of Type Select the type of transmission (i.e. email, fax).
2. To view a PO transmission:
Enter a transmission ID in the Enter A Transmission Item ID input field and click .

To find a PO transmission:
Fill out any of the search fields of the Search For Transmissions section of the form and click .
3. Review the list of purchase order transmissions.

To view transmission details:
Click on the transmission ID hyperlink (i.e. ).

To re-send the purchase order:
Click .

Updated April 4, 2013