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20.15 Maintain Leads
Purpose of application is to review/update existing leads or to set up a new lead. A lead is a prospect buyer.
20.15.1 Reviewing/updating existing leads
20.15.2 Setting up a new lead
20.15.1 Reviewing/updating existing leads
Step Action
1. Open Maintain Leads application.
2. To view information about an existing lead, enter the lead ID in the Enter an existing Lead input field or click on the link to find one.
3. When you are ready, click .
4. Review the General Information, Project Visits and Demographics sections of the form.

The Project Visits section lists all the visits lead made to the sales office and the type of properties lead was interested in. To view or update the details of an existing visit, click on the Inquiry Comment link (e.g. ). You will then be transferred to Maintain Lead Inquiry application. For details, see Maintain Lead Inquiry section of this training guide.

5. When you are done:
  • To save and exit, click .
  • To save and modify subscription options, click . To unsubscribe from email or snail mail, for example, simply select the required check boxes.
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20.15.2 Setting up a new lead
Step Action
1. Open Maintain Leads application.
2. To create a new lead, click .
3. Fill out General Information, Project Visits and Demographics sections of the form.

First Name Enter the lead's first name.
Middle Name Middle name of the lead.
Last Name Enter last name here.
Email Enter a valid email address in the field provided.
Home Phone Enter the home phone number.
Cell Phone Enter the cell phone number.
Business Phone Enter the business phone number.
Fax Number Enter the fax number.
Street Address The street address the lead currently lives on.
City The city lead lives in.
Province The province lead lives in.
Postal Code Postal code of the lead.
Country Country the lead lives in.
Newsletter Subscribe To subscribe to newsletters, select Yes.

Current status of the lead: active, inactive, deleted.


What type of lead is this? Agent, lead, purchaser?

NOTE: To set up a sales offer for a lead, you must first set up a new purchaser in Maintain Purchasers application by transfering the lead's data. For details, see Maintain Purchasers section of Purchasers training guide.

Once the sales offer has been approved, the lead type will automatically change from 'lead' to 'purchaser'.

Lost Buyer Reason If this lead has been lost, what is the reason for it? For example, lost job and no longer qualified.
Rating How would you rate this lead? For example, looking to buy in the next 30 days.
Sales Comments Any additional comments can be entered here.

Project/Interest If the lead was interested in a specific project, select it from the drop down list. Otherwise, you can select 'General' or 'Coming Soon'.
Visit Source Did the lead walk into the sales office, or inquired about a house via a website? Select the visit source.
Inquiry Comment Any additionaly comments can be entered here (e.g. lead is interested only in 3 bedroom detached homes).
Visit Date The date and time of visit.

Heard From How did you hear about us (e.g. real estate agent, radio)?
Type of Home Select the type of home lead is looking for (e.g. condo, semi-detached).
Important Features What types of features are important to the lead (e.g. lot size, price)?
Reason for New Home What is the reason for new home (e.g. additional space, currently renting)?
When do you plan to buy? When does the lead plan to buy (e.g. 2-3 months)?
When do you plan to move in? When does the lead plan to move in (e.g. 4-6 months)?
Number of Bedrooms Select the number of bedrooms lead is interested in (e.g. 2, 2.5).
Number of Bathrooms Select the number of bathrooms lead is interested in (e.g. 1, 5).
House Size Range What house size the lead is looking for (e.g. 1000-1500)?
Lot Size Range What lot size the lead is looking for (e.g. 30-40)?
Price Range What price range the lead is looking for?
Marital Status Marital status of the lead.
Age Select lead's age.
Number of Children Select the number of children lead has.
Combined Household Income What is the combined household income range?
Do you presently... Does the lead currently own or rent?
Is your current home on the market? If the lead owns a home, is the current home on the market?
Do you need to sell the current home to buy a new one? Will the lead need to sell current home before buying a new one?
4. When you are done, click .
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Updated April 4, 2013