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20.17 Maintain Lead Traffic
Purpose of this application is to tabulate traffic by hour, which helps management to evaluate customer interest and to plan staffing.

20.17 Maintain Lead Traffic
Step Action
1. Open Maintain Lead Traffic application.

Project Select a project for which you want to view lead traffic?
Date For which date do you want to see the number of visitors to sales office? Enter the date or click on the button to find one.
Traffic Type What type of traffic do you want to view?

Be-back Be-backs are return visitors.
Uncarded Uncarded visitors are ones who didn't fill out an information card at the sales office. NOTE: Cards filled out at sales sites provide an invaluable source of information on customer interest and motivation. Even if the prospect does not fill a card, tabulating traffic by hour helps management to evaluate interest and to plan staffing.
Show 24 Hours Select date format.
2. For which project and date do you want to see number of visitors? Make your selection accordingly.
3. When you are ready, click .
4. Review Lead Traffic Information form. In the example below, we can see that between 7-8am there were 2 visitors. To increase the number of visitors, you can either enter a new number in the Count field or click on the # of Visitors button (e.g. ).

NOTE: To decrease the number of visitors, enter a negative number in the Count field.
5. When you are done, click .
Updated April 4, 2013