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20.13 Maintain Lead Inquiry
Purpose of application is to review/update existing lead inquiries or to set up a new lead inquiry (e.g. lead is interested in a 3 bedroom detached home in project AS4). Lead inquiry creation is triggered by a visit from a prospect.
20.13.1 Reviewing/updating existing lead inquiry
20.13.2 Setting up a new lead inquiry
20.13.1 Reviewing/updating existing lead inquiry
Step Action
1. Open Maintain Lead Inquiry application.
2. Enter an inquiry ID in the Lead Inquiry Id input field or click on the link to find one.
3. When you are ready, click .
4. Next, review/update Lead Inquiry form.

The first section, Lead Information, displays the information about the lead (e.g. name, email, rating), which is followed by the Completed/Outstanding Lead Inquiry section. The Completed/Outstanding Lead Inquiry section lists all the things the lead was interested in (e.g. interested in a 2 bedroom condo).

Finally, Lead Inquiry Information section is where you can update the information pertaining to a specific visit.

Lead Inquiry ID A unique ID used to identify the lead inquiry.
Project/Interest Either a specific project the lead was interested in or general interest.
Source Where did the lead come from? e.g. visited sales office, via website.
Inquiry Comment What exactly was the lead interested in? You can type in his/her inquiry here.
Status Status can be selected to determine the relevance of the inquiry (e.g. new, completed).
Response Response to the lead's inquiry can be entered here. Click on the icon and type in your response.
Internal Comment Any additional comments can be entered her, for internal use only.
5. When you are done:
  • To save and exit, click .
  • To save and distribute, click .
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Updated April 4, 2013