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2.9 Update Takeoffs
Allows bulk update of the takeoffs (item changes, cost type changes, etc).

2.9 Update Takeoffs
Step Action
1. Open Update Takeoffs application.

Search Criterion
Enter an Item
Enter Cost Types
Select a Takeoff Entity Type
Option Entity Criteria
Select a Room
Enter a Reverse Item
Where Takeoff...
Was Created/Updated Between
Was Created/Updated By
Statistic Field Is
General Options
Display Junction Description On
Specific Scope to search in (if any)
Enter a Baseplan
Enter an Elevation
Enter a Baseplan Construction Type
Enter A Finish Out
Select Project
Enter A Lot
Enter An Option
Enter An Miscellaneous Option
Show Takeoffs where
2. Select your search criteria and click .
3. In the Takeoff Item Information form, select the records you want to update by placing check marks in the S/U column.

To update all selected records simultaneously, fill out the bottom section of the form. For example, you can change quantities, cost and room types, etc.

You can also delete selected records by clicking .
4. When done, click .
Updated August 6, 2014