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2.7 Maintain Takeoffs
Purpose of application is to create/update takeoffs. A Takeoff is a method of calculating the collection of items used to build a home. The method calculates by adding and subtracting items based on various parameters (i.e. baseplan, elevation, swing, project, construction type).
2.7.1 What is a Layered Takeoff System?
2.7.2 Creating Takeoffs for a Baseplan
2.7.3 Junction Mode vs. Detailed Mode
2.7.4 How to Split Junctions?
2.7.5 Copying Takeoffs from Baseplan
What is a Layered Takeoff System?

A takeoff system is a way of using various additions and subtractions to come to a net quantity of an item, to produce a bill of materials, needed to budget/build something.

A layered takeoff system is a takeoff system that uses various criteria to decide what should be added/subtracted to produce the bill of materials. For efficiency reasons Dynamic Builder separates a takeoff record into 2 parts:

Simplified, a takeoff record looks something like this:

Cost Type Item Room Quantity Qty Statistic Project Baseplan Elevation


What it is: Where it is used: In Dynamic Builder, we separate the "What It Is" from "Where It Is Used". The "Where It Is Used" is setup first as a "Junction", which means a data record that indicates the scope applied of where takeoffs records might be used. Then we attach 1 or more "What It Is" records under the Junction.

Overview for Layered Takeoff System:
All takeoff data is associated to an "entity". The different types of entities are: Once an entity type is chosen, one is controlled on what layers are available for use.

The Layers in the system are:
Division, Baseplan, Elevation, Finish out, Is Reverse, Project, Lot, Option, Lot Construction Type, Baseplan Construction Type, Option Relation, Miscellaneous Option

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Creating takeoffs for a baseplan
  1. Open Maintain Takeoffs application.
  2. Select Base Plan entity type from the Select a Takeoff Entity Type drop down list.

    NOTE: Similarly, you can create takeoffs for option, lot, etc. by selecting the appropriate entity type and following the steps listed below.
  3. Enter a baseplan ID in the Enter a Base Plan input field or click on the link to find one.
  4. Click .
  5. The next step is to set up a junction. You must determine, first, if this junction will apply only to a base plan, or to a base plan in a specific project, with a specific elevation, finish out, etc. Fill out any of these details in Manipulate Junctions section of the form.
  6. When you are ready, click .
  7. Scroll down to New Items to Add section. You are now ready to add an item:
    1. Enter a cost type ID in the Cost Type input field or click on the link to find one.
    2. Enter an item ID in the Item input field or click on the link to find one.
    3. Select a room from the Room drop down list. NOTE: A room is optional selection and only required if the item will be used in a specific room.
    4. Enter item quantity in the Quantity input field and select a statistic, if applicable. NOTE: If you select a statistic, that value will be multipled by the value in Quantity field.
  8. Once all item details have been entered, click to add the item to the junction.
  9. As you can see, the new item has been added to the junction. You can either continue adding more items to the junction or publish your changes.

    To publish, scroll to the very bottom of the page and click .
  10. Next, select the junction with unpublished item(s) and click . You will then be transferred to Publish Takeoff Entity application. For details, see Publish Takeoff Entity section of this training guide.

    Once the item has been published, the 'unpublished' warning will no longer be displayed:
  11. Once you've mastered the addition of items to junctions, you can perform any of the following actions:
    1. To set up a new junction for the same base plan, fill out Manipulate Junctions section of the form and click on button.

      NOTE: If you don't want to add any items at this time, you can simply click on button to add the junction.
    2. To add new items to the junction, click on Add/Update Items/Notes link.
    3. To delete a junction, you must first delete all items, publish the changes and then click on Delete Junction link.

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Junction Mode vs. Detailed Mode

Junction Mode

Consider this a summarized view with the total items shown for each Junction.

Detailed Mode

Detailed view allows the data to be expanded to several levels of detail. NOTE: means expandable; means completely expanded.

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How to Split Junctions?
  1. You can create two identical Junctions out of one, based on the differences in layer parameters, so that you can continue to make changes to either of the Junctions without affecting the other.

    To split a Junction by the project layer, open Maintain Takeoffs application.
  2. Select Base Plan from the Select a Takeoff Entity Type drop down list.
  3. Look up or enter a base plan ID (i.e. 3115).

    Previously a Junction was created for baseplan 3115 - project AU3. We are now going to split this Junction.
  4. Click . Locate the Junction.
  5. Click on the Split Junction link.
  6. Select AU3.
  7. Click .
  8. The system then asks you to confirm the split.

    Click to confirm the split.
  9. Two separate, but identical, Junctions have now been created.

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Copying Takeoffs From Baseplan
  1. After saving the baseplan, you can copy takeoffs from another baseplan. The system displays the items from the other baseplan with new quantities set to 0 (zero) so that you can review the items and make changes before copying. Caution: If you simply copy all the items without reviewing, you also copy zero as the new quantities along with the items. As a result, you would have to re-enter manually the new quantities one item at a time in Maintain Takeoffs and Update Takeoffs.

    Click .
  2. Enter or look up the baseplan to copy from.
  3. Click . Result: A new page opens to display the takeoffs.
  4. Click .
  5. For each takeoff record, you have three choices:
    1. Keep the quantity by clicking on the Copy link.
    2. Enter a new quantity.
    3. Click on the Delete link, if the item does not exist in the new baseplan. Note: A deleted item will appear in a different color.
  6. When you have finished, click .

    You may continue with the other buttons to add standards, upload pictures, and view items.

    Button What it does
    Enters the standard ceiling items for a selected scope (Baseplan/Construction Type, Finish Out, Project and Room). Note: The Add/Edit Item button is located at the extreme right.
    Enters the standard floor items for a selected scope (Baseplan/Construction Type, Finish Out, Project and Room). Note: The Add/Edit Item button is located at the extreme right.
    Enters the standard wall items for a selected scope (Baseplan/Construction Type, Finish Out, Project and Room). Note: The Add/Edit Item button is located at the extreme right.
    Uploads drawings and images of the floorplan for the sale reps to mark on the drawings and to enter comments and additional information.
    Display the Junctions and their associated items.
    Displays the item description, room and quantity for all Junctions.

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Updated August 6, 2014