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6.2 Approve Option Selections
Purpose of application is to approve or reject standard and miscellaneous options previously added to the lot via Maintain Option Selection application.

6.2 Approve Option Selections
  1. Open Approve Option Selections application.
  2. You can perform either of the following two actions:
    • To see a list of all lots with unapproved options, click . Below is an example of what you can expect to see. For convenience, change reasons (e.g. quantity changed) are displayed for each option that has been added, updated or removed.

      To proceed with the approval/rejection process, simply click on the lot ID link (e.g. ).
    • To approve/reject options for a specific lot, enter a lot ID in the Enter A Lot ID input field (or click on the link to find one) and click .
  3. Here is an example of all approved/unapproved standard and miscellaneous options for lot 45267.

    Approving & Rejecting Options
    To approve or reject an option, place a check mark in the Approve or Reject check box. Pay close attention to the new requested quantity and the reason for approval/rejection.

    To approve or reject all options simultaneously, click on the Approve or Reject links located at the top of the page.

    Miscellaneous options cannot be approved until their prices are approved by the Estimating department via Update Miscellaneous Option Prices application. For further details on the approval process, see Appendix.

    Tip: To remove an option from the lot, you must first go to Maintain Options Selections application. Change option quantity to zero and then return to Approve Option Selections and approve the new change.

    Viewing Option Details
    To view or update option details (e.g. option ID, short/long description), click on the option ID link (e.g. ). For details, see Maintain Options section of the Options training guide.

    Three types of comments can be entered or updated:
    1. PO comments which will appear on the actual purchase order.
    2. Internal comments for internal use only.
    3. Approval comments associated with miscellaneous options.
  4. When done you are done:
    • To save and exit, click .
    • To add a new option or modify the existing one, click . For details, see Maintain Option Selection section of this training guide.
Updated November 14, 2013