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14.3 View Calendar
Purpose of application is to view your own calendar, add meetings and invite other users to attend.
14.3.1 Viewing your calendar
14.3.2 Entering appointments
14.3.1 Viewing your calendar
Step Action
1. Open View Calendar application.
2. By default, calendar opens to today's date. You can move back or forward by a day, week, month or year by clicking on the appropriate button, as seen in the example below.

By default, preview and address is turned "off". To enable the preview option, click on the On link.

Once preview is turned "on", move your mouse over the appointment name to display a pop-up window with appointment details, as per example below.

Calendar can be displayed for 1 day, 3 days, 1 week or 1 month, as shown below.

Time is displayed in one of the two formats:
Format Description
12 Hour Display the time in AM and PM.
24 Hour Display the time from 00:00 to 23:00

Time zone can be selected from the drop down list.

NOTE: Once you have finished defining the appearance of your calendar, continue to enter appointments. See Entering Appointments section for details.
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14.3.2 Entering appointments
Step Action
1. To set up a meeting, click on the date you need (e.g. August 1, 2011).
2. Fill out all of the required fields marked by an asterisk (*).

Calendar For The following calendar belongs to this user.
Subject Purpose of the meeting can be entered in the Subject field.
Private An option to display "N/A" in any user's calendar.
Vendor If the meeting is with a vendor, enter the vendor's ID in the field, or click on the link to find one. To notify the vendor of the meeting, select the Notify Vendor check box.
Purchaser If the meeting is with a purchaser, enter the purchaser's ID in the field, or click on the link to find one.
Lot ID If the meeting is in regards to a specific lot, enter the lot ID or click on the link to find one.
Start Date Starting date of the meeting.
Start Time Starting time of the meeting.
Time Zone Select a time zone.
End Date Ending date of the meeting.
End Time Ending time of the meeting.
Meeting Type Select the type of meeting.
Attendees Select one of more users from the drop down list and click to invite them to the meeting.

Click View Attendees Schedules to check the availability of people invited to the meeting.
Notify Select the check box to remind yourself by email of the meeting.
Location Specify the location of the meeting.
Notes For all attendees to view and update.
Personal Notes Notes for private viewing only.
Email Message The body of the email invitation should be entered here.
Send Email Select the check box to inform attendees of meeting's details.
Delete To cancel the meeting and delete it from yours or attendees calendars, select the appropriate radio buttons.
3. When you are done, click .
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Updated March 17, 2011